The Agricon Academy (PTY) Ltd is a private higher education provider based in Lephalale in the Limpopo Province. The Academy was established with the specific purpose to promote environmental health and the sustainable utilisation of natural resources.

The Academy is founded on the belief that a healthy environment is a prerequisite for sustainable livelihoods, both in rural and urban communities, and that the well-being of communities depends on a healthy natural environment in which resources are protected and not over-utilised.

The Academy aims to present programmes that equip students to participate in sustainable economic activities in formal or informal employment or self-employment in fields such as environmental tourism, game ranching, breeding of wildlife, and related agricultural practices.

Through the programmes that will be offered, the Academy aims to equip the students with the knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes that will prepare them for entry into career opportunities in these fields, and in particular in occupations in which they will promote the sustainable management of the ecosystem.

The Academy further aims to prepare the students for further learning in higher education programmes related to Nature Conservation and Agricultural Management.

The programmes offered will prepare students for careers in Nature Conservation and Agricultural Management, for example in environmental management, environmental protection, environmental ecology, environmental health and resource management, environmental impact assessment, nature resort and game ranch management, game breeding, game capture and relocation, rehabilitation, as well as occupations in related fields such as veterinary care of wildlife such as Animal Health Technicians.

The programs will also enable students to perform roles relating to the implementation of the National Environmental Management Act, Act 107 of 1998, and related legislation.



We strive to be a leader in the Limpopo province of career-orientated education and training in higher education within Nature Conservation and Agricultural Management to equip students in these sectors with the knowledge, skills and occupation-directed competencies to be able to make a contribution towards socio-economic development in South Africa.


  • To develop the knowledge, skills, innovation and creativity of people from all backgrounds through holistic development, in order to prepare them for careers in Nature Conservation and/or Agricultural Management, and to create a basis for further studies in Higher Education; and
  • To contribute towards the upliftment of people from previously disadvantaged communities through stimulating their interest in Nature Conservation and Agricultural Management in order to empower them to make a positive contribution within their own communities.


Our Team

Dr Wilhelm Schack

CEO – (B.V.Sc. Veterinary Science)

Rozelle Swanepoel

Academic Head – (MSc. Environmental Science)

Dr Jerry Manenzhe

Student recruitment and funding – (B.V.Sc. Veterinary Science)

Jaco Swanepoel

Business Coordinations and Marketing – (B.Tech Nature Conservation)

Molebatsi Setshekgamollo

HR and General