Agriculture and Conservation Training


Agricon Academy is a newly established company that aims at making a big difference in the fields of Agriculture and Conservation in South Africa by providing the necessary training and skills to people of all backgrounds to enable them to be productive citizens of the country and uplift themselves along with it.

Conservation and Agriculture have long been two separate entities that should actually be integrated in a way to support each other.  Agricon Academy aims to achieve this through various training on all levels for all people that form part of a greater team on an Agricultural or Conservation focused farm.

In simple words we will train the farm worker to do the daily tasks correctly, train the foreman to manage the farm workers and know what to monitor, and train the manager to manage all aspects of management to enable the farm to achieve its full productive potential.


May 2016


Five Training Roles of the CEO

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Apr 2016


Corporate Training Myths

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Organisational Objectives


The Diploma in Conservation Management will be the first program to be offered by the Academy. Thereafter, the overall goal of the Academy is to offer other higher education career-focused program relating to nature conservation and agricultural management in specialized fields such as crop and livestock farming and intensive wildlife breeding.

In order to realize the vision, mission and the overall goals of the Academy the objectives are to:

  • Offer high quality learning programs that address identified needs in fields related to Nature Conservation and Agricultural Management;
  • Develop the knowledge, skills and other competencies of its students to enable them to make a positive contribution in employment or self-employment in these fields;
  • Ensure that the staff are professional and competent, and that academic staff have the pre-requisite qualifications and practical experience to teach, guide and support the students to equip them for work and/or for future learning;
  • Ensure that its programs adhere to the quality requirements of accrediting entities and adhere to legal and regulatory requirements; and
  • Strive towards ensuring that the employed and contracted academic staff represent the diversity in the student groups in terms of language, race and delivery style.